Cal choosing an elder from the audience

Skyhawk takes the elder to center stage



Skyhawk performs the dance for the elder


Skyhawk puts the Indian head dress on the elder



More dancing with Skyhawk


Skyhawk escorts the elder back to her seat

Native American blankets were given as prizes


Skyhawk speaks with the audience


Skyhawk & "Baby Gramma" Carmelita Romero


Skyhawk & "Baby Gramma" Carmelita Romero

Skyhawk & "Baby Gramma" Carmelita Romero


Skyhawk & "Baby Gramma" Carmelita Romero


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Cal "Sky Hawk" Haynes
"Thank you for the Grammas last 118th Birthday performance"



Cal "SkyHawk" Haynes how can we in all honesty genuinely express our
gratitude for all the wonderful years you so lovingly performed for "Baby Gramma"?
Thank you for all the moving performances you did for her. You know you had
a very special place in "Baby Gramma's" gigantic heart; she always referred to you as
"My Grandson", "mi Nieto". Always excitingly awaiting her birthday, because
of the way you brought her happiness, enjoyment, delight…the way you honored her
with your Love and glorious tradition of dancing just for her, you captivated and
inspired her with your dancing and I'm positive she was there dancing with you, by your side..
She knew you Loved and cared for her.

And Cal she Loved You and Your Familia even more.
Cal "SkyHawk" Haynes thank you for putting a great big smile on Baby Gramma's face.
The loving memories you created for her and all of us will last in our hearts forever.
May God Bless You Always…With All of Our Love, Prayers & Respect.
Cal and Your Familia Have Always Been and Will Always
Be a Part of Our Life and Familia Forever,

The Franco & Romero Family
J3:16 <><

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